About Us

At HunterTyson we have brought together a team with over 30 years of experience in Contract Manufacturing, Product Development, Electronic Manufacturing Services and when needed Product Sales and Distribution.  HunterTyson takes immense pride in the fact that we run lean, can adapt and change with our customer’s needs quickly and deliver the highest quality products with speed and at some of the most competitive prices in the market.

The team at HunterTyson has experience in managing small 20-piece classified projects for the government, tooling and 20,000-piece production runs for Kickstarter Start-ups, electronic device manufacturing services (EMS), EMS certifications, 500,000-piece cable assemblies, injection molded part runs, printed circuit boards, chip assembly and testing and more.

One of HunterTyson’s unique differentiators is that all of our work is not done in China; we manufacture in the USA, China, Vietnam, Mexico and India. We can build offshore and assemble onshore and when the opportunity presents itself, we will give our clients pricing for both manufacturing and sourcing here in the USA and at multiple offshore locations as well.

10 Reasons to Partner with HunterTyson


With over 30 years experience we have refined our processes and are efficient in what we do.

Variable Cost Plans

Our team’s experience and refined processes allow us to offer creative solutions for our customers along with consolidating and reducing costs.

Quality is #1

Products that meet our client’s performance and cosmetic expectations.

Previously Established Partnerships

Through experience we know which companies provide the best quality and deliver on time. We also know who to work with and that allows us to navigate the channels for the best results for our clients.

Speed to Market

We have the experience and know how to move you quickly from introductory meeting to delivery. With resources, here and in the country of manufacture or source we are experienced in working in small windows of time and delivering when needed.

Right-Size Production

Having multiple partners allows us to find just the right fit for your project to maximize your investment

Trusted Partner

Open and consistent communication and transparency is the key to both parties’ success.

Consumer and Industrial Products

Our team has experience delivering 100% complete consumers products with packaging and also all parts or one part of a larger internal assembly.

Feet on the Ground

No matter where we manufacture or Source (USA, China, Mexico or India) we have our team members on site to guarantee quality and eliminate hiccups before they turn into issues.

Supply Chain Management

Experience navigating the process of landing your product at your destination at the lowest price possible.