Investors and VC

Investors and VC

HunterTyson has become a preferred partner of Venture Capitalists and Investors because of the capability to show a faster return on investment (ROI) by manufacturing products to the highest standards, delivering projects on budget and on time with extremely competitive manufacturing and delivery costs. This allows their partner start-ups and existing companies to take the next step in their growth.

There are multiple factors that contribute to delivering an acceptable ROI timeframe; a viable product, an effective distribution strategy, a solid marketing plan, and ample funding. Often, ROI success can be determined by how inexpensively and quickly products can be manufactured and delivered while maintaining high quality standards. This is where HunterTyson excels.

The team at HunterTyson has been sourcing products, services and manufacturing in the USA, China, Mexico and India for over twenty years. Our local teams have the experience and connections to make sure everything goes smoothly and to plan.

By allowing HunterTyson to manage this critical piece of the puzzle, management teams can focus on overseeing the marketing, sales, and organizational strategies that are critical to long-term success. Let HunterTyson go to work for you and deliver the results you need.

Clients that are looking to partner with Venture Capitalists and Investors have also benefited from the items above along with HunterTyson’sProduct Development services including Computer Aided Designand Prototyping to allow products in the early stage of development to be show to potential investors.