Private Label Sourcing

Private Label Sourcing

In the US, Private Label sales accounted for over $150 billionin 2016. – Nielsen
Wikipedia defines Private Labeling as products or services, also known as “phantom brands”, typically manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand.

With the help of Amazon and mobile buying trends, private labeling has exploded over the past 7 years and that growth shows no sign of slowing down. HunterTyson can help you get a piece of that huge pie.

Having a private label sourcing partner or third-party sourcing partner that knows what they are doing and are trustworthy is usually the difference between success and failure. At HunterTyson we are connected to an exclusive network of over 1000 trusted suppliers in China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan. Our suppliers have been vetted to make sure they adhere to the highest quality standards and offer products at only the most competitive prices to us, allowing you to realize maximum profit margins.

The HunterTyson Private Label program is comprised of these items:

  • Partner Match Conference Call – We always make sure before we begin that HunterTyson is right for you and you have a full understanding of what to expect in this process before proceeding.
  • Product Determination Meeting
  • Finding your products at the best manufacturer (we start with 3-5 and finish with 1)
  • Deliver Sample and Sign Off
  • Negotiate the Best Price
  • Price Agreement and Purchase Order Commitment
  • Managing the Branding and Packaging of the product with your Logo
  • Quality Control
  • Schedule Management – we meet our deadlines
  • Shipping and Delivery – HunterTyson’s logistics team is one of the best in the industry, we can place your product on whatever dock you like safely and at the best price possible. * (Shipping and Delivery is usually built into the piece price)
*Note: Amazon FBA sellers we will deliver your products directly to Amazon

There are many pitfalls that you can run into trying to private label products, three of the most prominent are; 1) Purchasing from a distributor and not directly from the manufacturer 2) No experience negotiating the best price and 3) Chinese private label scams are popping up more and more, these scams result in thousands of lost dollars with no legal options to get your funds returned. Having a partner like HunterTyson that has an office in China with Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese team members on the ground in our most popular partner countries is a huge advantage and offers that extra layer of protection you need when moving into the field of private labeling.

HunterTyson also offers a unique differentiator, we are also performing contract manufacturing and building products in the same foreign countries you are looking to buy from, this gives us a huge advantage knowing what it takes when dealing with the local businesses, governments, taxes structures and shipping and export costs. The little things make all the difference when maximizing your profit.

Let the team at HunterTyson help guide you through this process and help make your new brand a success.

Contact US today to discuss the possibilities of Private Labeling.