TurnKey Contract Manufacturing

TurnKey Contract Manufacturing

Turnkey Contract Manufacturing is a product or service that is designed, built and supplied or delivered complete and ready to operate. The contractor is responsible from design through completion and delivery.

In 2018, the world of manufacturing is highly globalized, the market is extremely competitive and there is a constant need to improve performance, streamline costs and provide on-time delivery so that a company’s future and development are ensured.

HunterTyson Turnkey Contract Manufacturing services are the smart choice for your next project. One of the benefits of partnering with HunterTyson is that a Turnkey Contract Manufacturer eliminates the hassle of communicating with multiple companies. Rather than contacting your engineer, following up with the manufacturer, and contacting the engineer again, you only need to contact one company – HunterTyson. Communication with one point of contact means getting answers faster and making changes can happen almost immediately before you are too far through the process which can significantly affect project costs. Another great advantage of Hunter Tyson Turnkey Contract Manufacturing is that projects can be kicked off very quickly and save valuable time getting your product to market.

HunterTyson and our partners have offices stationed strategically around the world to facilitate the Turnkey Contract Manufacturing process. Our services include; product design services, prototyping, tooling and assembly line production, acquisition of the materials required, testing the manufactured objects and ensuring they are at an optimal level, product certifications, supply chain management and providing the very important warranty support. These features and many more make HunterTyson a premiere Turnkey Contract Manufacturer.

All of our projects follow the same time tested 3 stage adjustable framework to guarantee the results you need from a manufacturing partner.

As your project moves through each phase of the HunterTyson process, we are reporting back to you with progress reports, photos, videos and timeline updates. During the important production/build stage we are on site ensuring all agreed upon specifications, including final packaging is correct.

If you need to make a change to your project or want to add in a new feature or change a dimension, with HunterTyson that’s not a problem! Any change to the design of your equipment is immediately communicated and factored into the manufacturing and installation process.

HunterTyson Turnkey Contract Manufacturing – When you have one company responsible for your project from concept to completion, guaranteeing a higher quality product becomes much easier and more predictable.